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Friday, June 27, 2003
This weekend, San Francisco’s Outright Libertarians are honoring their secretary Michael Denny by featuring him in the Pride parade. Michael is proud to be affiliated with the Outright Libertarians and the Libertarian Party, the first US political party to formally acknowledge LGBT rights in their party platform.

The LGBT community deeply understands the negative influence government has had on their ability to secure some of their most basic human rights. The Libertarian Party strongly believes government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms, marriages or medicines, positions strongly shared by this community. Please visit our booth located at section G9 on Larkin Street in front of City Hall on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Pride Parade is on Sunday. Anyone who would like to participate in our march can join us on Beale Street near Folsom around noon. For anyone who hasn’t been in the parade before, it is a great experience to march up Market Street at such large and festive event. Please come. We would love to have you join us.

For more information, telephone (415) 986-7677 x123, email, website



Radio Interview
with Sam Van Zant of “Street Talk Live at “The WAVE”

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Michael Denny, Plan C member and Candidate for SF Mayor attended the Horace Mann Middle School clean up last Saturday


. Alison Mickels, San Francisco’s “Clean City Coordinator” assigned Mike to hoe duty. With the help of the students who cleaned behind him, Mike cleared weeds at the base of the trees surrounding the school. The students repeatedly asked Mike to tell them the name of the tool he was using to their laughter and perverse enjoyment. When Mike informed Alison of his campaign for SF Mayor, she replied “You go Mike Denny, you just might win!”  It was a fun and productive event. We can take pride in knowing they are responsible for how good the tree beds look around the school. Michael Denny for Mayor Campaign and Plan C - making a difference in San Francisco’s quality of life…voluntarily.

Candidate Denny teaching Junior Achievement to 4th grade class at Sutro Elementary



Another article in the San Francisco Business Times

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Listen to the Interview With Harry Osibin on Live 105
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