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Tax Day Protest
The San Francisco Sentinel

With h. brown

“They’re an encumbrance.”
bullet Description of why low income inclusionary housing onsite units will instead be built offsite as allowed by Leno legislation.
bullet Michael Denny – Definitely, the best natured of the candidates. "

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The San Francisco Sentinel

SEIU gives debate runaround to Libertarian candidate
Open Letter to SEIU:

When I learned of the SEIU mayoral candidate night, my campaign contacted John Gezinski, an event coordinator. I promptly received a phone call from SEIU's Ruby Anderson saying my questionnaire had not been received. When I told her I didn't receive it, she kindly offered

to send it by fax. Again it didn't arrive as promised, so I called Ms. Anderson to inquire.

Ms. Anderson then said that SEIU questionnaires were actually only sent to a few candidates, and I was not one of them.

When asked who received the questionnaires, she said the information was private.  I informed Ms. Anderson that Libertarians strongly supported the right of workers to organize. But I also said unions shouldn't be making the political process less open and less democratic -- especially unions whose members are largely paid from public funds…Exclusionary tactics may serve the political interests of union officials beholding to politicians, but they are not in the interest of ordinary workers who could lose job opportunities because their union might appear to be biased against members of the business community.

As a business leader, I know the security of a broad and healthy customer base. Sadly, SEIU's local leadership has chosen to rely on heavily on government. The public sector is not in good economic shape. Unions representing a diverse customer base back candidate promising to balance government budgets with fiscal restraint. SEIU local union leaders propose raising taxes which will lead to fewer jobs for workers as a whole. That's why SEIU members need to hear from candidates who represent the chance to broaden their base outside government, not just establishment candidates who pander and offer the false hope of business as usual.

...Invite all candidates for office to your debate, and avoid the
embarrassment of having the event picketed by protestors saying 'SEIU unfair to union members'.