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Michael F. Denny
March 31, 2003

San Francisco Chronicle
Another mention in the Chronicle.
Full article here
"Besides Ammiano and Leal, Newsom also faces former Supervisor Angela Alioto,  ex-Police Chief Tony Ribera, Libertarian Michael Denny and contractor Jim Reid (who slapped a Newsom sticker on his shirt Saturday and entered the auditorium through the VIP entrance)."

It's the corruption, stupid
Indictments change political landscape for mayoral and D.A. races
Full article here
By Savannah Blackwell

Dear Savannah,

Your March 5th article, “It’s the Corruption Stupid”, stated that Tom Ammiano was the only mayoral candidate who believed the Mayor’s control over the police should be shared. I am also running for Mayor. And I also want to distribute the Mayor’s power to the supervisors including control over the police.  In this race, it seems both the left and right are calling for a “strong mayor”. I am the only candidate supporting a managerial rather than imperial role for the Mayor’s office. District elections gave more control to the people, where it belongs. The Mayor’s office needs to be more respectful of the people and rule of law. And the police department needs to be more responsive to our community. I’m going to tell you a little story.

Last Friday, I was on my motorcycle on the corner of Second and Mission. All auto and pedestrian traffic was stopped in both directions. I asked the police officer what was going on. He barked at me “police escort”. I asked who it was for. He looked at me with a look that said “Shut the F*%k up” and ignored me. So I waited for about 5-10 minutes and nothing happened while everyone was waiting around wondering what was happening. Then one motorcycle officer came through with sirens scanning the crowd for threats to the “parade”. He was followed by15-20 motorcycle officers and a squad car with lights and sirens blazing. Behind him was a small group of cars, most young twenty-somethings in BMWs wearing cool shades and a couple of larger limos with rich looking “swells” who were enjoying that they could drive at high speeds through the city without concern for traffic and the people. It was very clear that this police department and Mayor are in it for themselves and the “swells” they serve. We can’t provide bathrooms so San Franciscans can pee, but we can rudely delay our citizens while showing off our power to the rich and famous?

The poor can never beat the rich in City Hall. So the best thing to do is to dramatically reduce the power of the Mayor’s office and the police. We should be considering a more “citizen volunteer” approach to our Police and Fire Departments, including their privatization. And we should give the Police and Fire stations to the officers who currently work out of them and let them compete with each other to provide service to the community, their customers. With that, Police and Fire Departments not perceived as serving citizen needs would soon be out of business. The Vice department should simply be cut. Vices are not crimes anyway. And these silly and arrogant police escorts, should not be performed unless their entire cost is born by the visitor including the lost time of thousands of our citizens. If the true cost was charged, someone would have to feel pretty threatened to get a police escort. And who wants someone like that around here anyway. But of course, it’s never been about “protection”. It’s about an arrogant display of City Hall and Police power at the expense of the citizens and tax payers. In short, it’s business as usual.

Thanks to Tom Ammiano for his position on the police. Please let him and your readers know that he has allies.

Thank you for your excellent article.

Michael F. Denny
Libertarian Candidate for San Francisco Mayor
Ph: (415) 986-7677 x123
Fax: (415) 986-4004


March 3, 2003

Contact: Christopher R. Maden
Telephone: (415) 845-8202

San Francisco, March 3, 2003 - Libertarian candidate for mayor Michael Denny today called for San Francisco Police Chief Earl Sanders to voluntarily step aside, pending resolution of his indictment for conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Libertarians believe that all accused criminals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But Denny also says that the police department must be above the slightest appearance of impropriety. Having indicted suspects running law enforcement when civilian suspects are detained behind bars will severely strain the relationship between the community and the police, at the very least.

Accordingly, Denny called for Sanders and other indicted Police Department command staff to voluntarily step aside until the issue is resolved, for the good of the community, the City, and the Department.

"The police and City Hall have too much power," said Denny, "and they have too much to do." Denny called for decriminalization of victimless crimes, including drug use and consensual sexual acts, and the decommissioning of the Vice Squad.

Denny believes that real crimes - including murder, assault, rape, and theft - should be vigorously prosecuted, and that a more focused police force would be much more efficient - and more popular with the community. "The current adversarial attitude of the police is intolerable," he said.

About Michael Denny:

Michael Denny is a husband, a father of four children, a small business owner, and a Libertarian candidate for mayor of San Francisco. His campaign Web site is Libertarians believe in personal freedom, in both social and economic spheres, and in minimal government to protect those freedoms.

San Francisco Chronicle 

The Ten 0'Clock News
report from the Candidates Forum


"Round 1 of S.F. mayoral contest
Candidates come out swinging -- but Newsom's a no-show"
Full article here

“Other candidates are Newsom, former Supervisor Angela Alioto, City Treasurer Susan Leal, ex-police Chief Tony Ribera, contractor Jim Reid and Libertarian Michael Denny. The election is in November.”

Full article here

Candidate Denny Invited to First Mayoral
Candidate Forum Friday Feb. 21 7-9PM
Goodwill’s Atrium

1500 Mission(11th Street)

Candidate Denny featured in Junior Achievement video


Victor Lee, Gordon J. Lau Elementary School student, San Francisco

As they grow and learn, young people can take their places as responsible citizens and become leaders. San Francisco elementary school student Victor Lee's life has been touched by junior Achievement.  In turn, he touches the lives of others. "I talk to business people because I want all business people to become involved so that all children can have JA”, says Victor. "When I heard Victor speak about his experience with JA, and how it has motivated him, I realized that JA was something I wanted to do," says Michael Denny, JA volunteer.For Victor, the JA experience is doing an activity and visualizing the future.  "If we have JA, we will learn how to make the world a better place," says Victor.

Watch Live Video
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The San Francisco Sentinel


Dear SF Homeless Coalition, 

I read your article in the Street Sheet about Prop N with interest. And you are right, N is not about Care. However, your proposal is not about Care either. Yours is about taking money by force and distributing it to others you deem more needy. But is this Care?

Care comes only from the heart, through the voluntary and loving interaction of people. Little Sisters of the Poor, Rafael House and Boys Hope Girls Hope are good examples of the many organizations that truly care. They are staffed by volunteers working for the needy. Many have taken vows of poverty so they can focus on the needs of others. These organizations do a far better job of serving society at a reasonable price than those funded by the public sector because they can focus their efforts on serving the needy instead of playing politics. They care more about solving the problems as their compensation does not grow with the size of the problem. And they don't take government money because they know government funds are not about caring. They're about control.

Why did the City refuse to issue permits for a free clinic to doctors from Volunteers in Medicine ( who were awarded a U.N. "Quality of Life" award and named the official physicians to the artists at the Apollo Theater in NY? With our problems, these doctors should be rock stars here. Do the City and its non-profits want a government monopoly on social services? It seems like they can't stand a little competition from people who seek to serve the community more than themselves.

We will only have Care and reasonable solutions for the needy in our society when organizations like yours and proposals like N begin to address the real need for genuine human caring. How about tax credits for those that fund private solutions like those mentioned above? Until that happens, please know that your politics and Gavin's are the same. And as far as Care goes, you both need a lesson on the meaning of the word.

Michael F. Denny
Candidate for Mayor