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Michael’s Philosophy

·    Encourage individual freedom and corresponding personal responsibility

·    Dramatically reduce expensive, intrusive government and repeal bad laws 

Michael’s Fiscal Commitments to YOU

·         Eliminate wasteful and inefficient government programs and controls

·         Slash personal, business, property and sales taxes…and especially the Employee Tax on San Francisco workers

·        Free the economy, especially small business, for investment, growth and jobs

Michael’s Education, Health & Safety Commitments to YOU

·        Options and alternatives to the failed public school monopoly

·        Aggressive prosecution of violent criminals while recognizing that vices are not necessarily crimes

·        Support police and the public safety by encouraging citizen self-defense 

Michael’s Governance Commitments to YOU 

·        Eliminate restrictive regulation; Regulation and Corruption go hand-in-hand!

·        Equal treatment for all: reduce the power of lobbyists and special interests

·        Reduce the size and cost of government so average citizens can prosper, not just bureaucrats and the rich

·        Homeless: a) Stop making employment of the poor illegal – repeal the minimum wage. b) Set time limits on public services c) Track results d) Open Non-Profits receiving public funds to taxpayer review

·        Take a managerial rather than imperial role as Mayor, working closely and supporting the people’s elected representatives, the SF Board of Supervisors

Michael’s Housing, Environment and Quality of Life Commitments to YOU

·        Unleash private enterprise to solve parking and transportation problems           

·        Reduce / eliminate government controls on production and use of housing. Example: End SF’s mandatory garage building requirement – People, not Cars!

For a San Francisco that’s Prosperous, Free, Inclusive, a Beacon for the World,

  Vote Michael Denny, Libertarian - Solutions and Results!

2435 Lake St. SF, CA 94121   986-7677 x123   www.MichaelDenny.net   Mike@MichaelDenny.net