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Twenty six years ago, I came to San Francisco because it represented a bright opportunity. It had an environment of personal freedom and entrepreneurship. People were open to new ideas, wherever they came from. The City was bustling with creative energy and tolerance was abundant. It stood in stark contrast to other places I'd been in where money in the bank was more important than opportunity and who you knew was more important than what you knew. 

Gradually, I saw San Francisco turn from a place of openness and tolerance to one of nanny-like political correctness. People stopped getting along and became antagonistic. Instead of entrepreneurial, it became more important to be connected and play politics to get around San Francisco's fee and regulatory nightmare. Over the years, I saw a free society turn into one where the unproductive preyed upon the productive to the point where bedrock companies, born and built here, can no longer take it. They are giving up on San Francisco and voting with their feet. We lost 94,000 jobs last year, the highest in the country. This is a very bad omen for San Francisco. My experience indicates that itís going to get much worse.

Iím running for Mayor because Iím seriously concerned about the future of the City. As a business person and family man, I find the prevailing political dialogue does not address what we need to solve our problems. Other candidates express their support for parts of my platform but are too politically constrained to represent them with confidence. As I believe these principles are necessary for San Franciscoís health, Iíve taken the job of representing them for myself. While some candidates support personal and others economic issues, my campaign understands we cannot have one without the other. Democratic liberties have never survived in societies that turned against both personal and economic liberty and responsibility.

Politicians never lead a parade. They march in front of them. My campaign is about turning the parade, not playing politics. If my campaign can change the way San Franciscans think, even a little, I'm confident politicians will turn right with us.

San Francisco should be known as the city of love, learning and commerce. Our city was once vibrant and growing with few government controls Ė ďThe City That Knows HowĒ. Letís make it happen again!

I want San Franciscans to have what they need to take care of their families, neighborhoods and be generous with their time and money. I want San Franciscans to understand Charity cannot be achieved at the ballot box but only through personal and voluntarily caring for those in need. I want you to be the best you can be by your definition, not politicians in City Hall. If you want this kind of leadership, then I am asking for your vote so I can fight for you as San Franciscoís Mayor. Please join me in this worthy cause. Visit DennyforMayor.com.

For a San Francisco thatís Prosperous, Free, Inclusive, and a Beacon for the World,

Vote Michael Denny, Libertarian - Solutions and Results!

2435 Lake St. SF, CA 94121   986-7677 x123   www.DennyforMayor.com